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Rotary Drum Getting Old?? GK Can Help!

Do you have a rotary drum in your foundry that is showing its age, but are not ready to purchase a new one? Look to GK to repair and upgrade your existing rotary drum!

The New Clansman Dynamics "G" Series Grinder

 Clansman has released the new “G” Series grinder which is designed as a replacement to the traditional swing frame grinders.


  • The G45 grinder offers increased production by the use of a powerful 45kw (60HP) motor and a slave arm that can apply high levels of force to ensuring the 500mm grinding stone operates at the optimum level of pressure for maximum metal removal, a pressure that could not be applied continuously by a human.


GMPT Defiance's Massive Furnace Charge System For Sale

After just three years in production, General Motors will be shutting down production of it's malleable iron line at the end of August to make room for two new Precision Sand Casting lines in Plant #2 of their Defiance, Ohio facility.

Quality Castings Goes Online With Clansman Dynamics Manipulator

On July 12th, Quality Castings went into production on their new shakeout line with the added benefit of a Clansman Dynamics C2010-E4 manipulator. The installation was completed in short order thanks to the combined efforts and careful planning of QCC's expert engineering and maintenance staffs as well as Imhoff Construction of Orrville, Ohio. Vincent Maggio of Clansman Dynamics assisted in the startup and commissioning. 

Why Buy From General Kinematics

   When facing the decision of purchasing capital equipment, a lot is on the line. Will the equipment work as promised? Will the equipment be reliable? Will it be a maintenance nightmare? What if it doesn't work? General Kinematics has proven through one successful installation to the next that our solutions reduce your risk of buying while helping to improve your process and increase profit to your bottom line. GK Highlights:

Why Use Vibratory Equipment?

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