Rotary Drum Getting Old?? GK Can Help!

Do you have a rotary drum in your foundry that is showing its age, but are not ready to purchase a new one? Look to GK to repair and upgrade your existing rotary drum!

GK's patent pending LOCK-TITE rotary drum liner system is designed to upgrade existing rotary products that utilize a cast inner shell for processing and an outer chamber for material return. The completely modular system begins with a rolled AR shell to your diameter specifications. Inside, liners are held in place with clamp bars to the skin of the drum. Each row of LOCK-TITE liners are inserted into the drum, clamped on one end, and drum is rotated 90 degrees for the next liner. Dangerous installation and expanders are eliminated. Expected installation requirements are limited to a 2 or 3 man crew with a forklift (and boom) and impact wrench for an expected changeout time of approximately one to two shifts, allowing replacement to take place over a weekend.
Elimination of individual wear plate replacement.
With providing the liner in quadrants, there is no need to replace broken or damaged individual cast liners. In competitive drums, removal of all plates and replacement is required. With the General Kinematics LOCK-TITE liners, should an area require repair, patch plates are easy to locate and weld in place directly to the liner. Upgrade to DUCTA-SERIES
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